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Get online sales whilst you sleep

For many, a physical store can't be open all the time and yet, consumers are increasingly shopping in the evenings - online! 

Selling online can be daunting but we can help. We've worked with craftspeople, pet shops, tour guides and interior design retailers to get their business online. We can help you develop an online store catalogue and explore payment solutions, postage/pickup options, and features such as wishlists, members areas, back in stock notifications, giftcards and coupons. 

Take payments

Our online store systems work with leading card and payment providers such as PayPal, Sumup, Square, ClearPay, Worldpay and Stripe. All payment providers charge a small fee (usually a percentage and processing fee) but these are usually under 2% and weighed up against losing clients and the time saved sending invoices manually are usually worth it. 

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Get order notifications

Never miss an order. 

Notifications by email or app help you to manage orders received. You can mark these as posted and setup other automations such as requesting reviews. 

Sell digital items

Great for artists and writers, you can sell digital files on your online store. This provides buyers with a download link immediately upon payment and purchase allowing you to build low-effort, recurring income. 

Our clients have sold digital workbooks and training activities particular to their profession using this method.

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Practical applications

Here's how our online shop expertise has helped clients: 

  • Our client, a pet collar maker, sells over a dozen pet-wear design collections online and has landed significant wholesale orders from their online exposure. 

  • We supported our client, an online and in-store interior design retailer, to improve the consistency and functionality of their online store presentation which increased mobile sales substantially. Revisiting the impact three months later we found mobile traffic had increased 37% (against the three months prior to our support). Visitors had increased 35% and unique visitors had increased by 45%.